Healing Testimonials

My wife Robin and I are both former athletes. Leslie’s Polarity Therapy has been a godsend to both of us. She deals with the day-to-day aches and pains that our active lifestyles create, but, most importantly, she helps with our long-term issues. We have referred numerous people to her and everyone’s been pleased. There are not enough thank yous for what she does for our entire family.

Mark Bright

Former Owner, Highlander Associates, East Syracuse, NY

Leslie Eimas has used Polarity Therapy to heal our family numerous times when Western medicine failed.

Michele Tarnow

International Marketing Executive, Adjunct MBA Professor, Syracuse University

Polarity Therapy healed my child. And once we did the Lights, it was amazing. Nothing else touched it.

Sarah Huftalen

Owner, Healthi Healing, Erieville, NY

I noticed a difference in my skin and got compliments on my skin after just three sessions of Light Therapy. I’m amazed not only by how I look, but how I feel. After each session, I feel more energized and at the same time more relaxed. My digestion is better. It’s especially helpful in the wintertime when it’s cold and gray. The Lights ground me and bring me back to what’s really important.

Kristie Meyer

Oncology Nurse, Crouse Hospital, Syracuse, NY